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Storming the Marketing Establishment… Through Smart Social Strategies

About Us

Jenni Brand, Chief Strategist



JCB HeadshotJenni Brand has been a social media and digital strategist for more than eight years. After enjoying a successful 12+ year career as a traditional marketer, she made the leap to new media/digital strategist and brand leader in 2005, upon joining New Media Strategies (NMS), the Online PR and Word-of-Mouth Marketing agency credited with pioneering the new media agency space.  During her tenure there, Jenni actively participated in the emergence and growth of the social media and digital strategy revolution, directing more than 100 campaigns for multiple Fortune 500 organizations including companies in the non-profit, government, CPG, consumer retail, travel/tourism and financial sectors.

Drawing from the knowledge and experience gained at NMS, Jenni launched Bastille Marketing in 2009.  Bastille Marketing’s core focus is to offer strategic advice and guidance about leveraging current digital technologies to meet business objectives efficiently and effectively, while creating positive awareness, and ultimately, increasing bottom line dollars.

In her free time, she enjoys socializing (face-to-face!) with her family, friends, and community. Jenni and her chocolate Labrador, Beau, have recently become a therapy dog team for PAWS for People. Jenni’s latest venture is Brown Dog Buzz – an events and marketing collaboration bringing pet lovers and pet service providers together in a cooperative spirit.

Rob Brand, Chief Financial Officer


main-thumb-2596710-200-dC2olmpz4bVbnumammZnHq5zXLzHQ3oxRob Brand joined Bastille Marketing as its Chief Financial Officer and General Business Adviser not long after its launch in 2009.  While social media strategy is not his bailiwick, financial responsibilities are – Rob keeps all the trains running for the business.  When not in the Bastille Marketing office, Rob can typically be found at his primary job, Comprehensive Business Services, helping Bastille Marketing and the rest of his client base “keeping more of what they earn.”



Beau Brand, Chief Happiness Officer and General Office Protector








Client Roster

Here is a sampling of some of the clients that Jenni has worked with in the past.




What’s Behind the Name and the Logo?

There are several reasons behind the name of the organization and its logo, the fleur-de-lis:

  • Jenni Brand’s birthday is July 14 – Bastille Day, which is the French National Independence day – much like July 4 in the US.
  • ‘Bastille’ Day celebrates France’s independence and a historical event known as the Storming of the Bastille. (Hence, our tag line ‘Storming the Marketing Establishment.’)
  • The fleur-de-lis (or fleur-de-lys) is a symbolic icon of France, often represented on the French coat of arms, although it traces its history back to medieval times. It is also on many other European coats’ of arms, illustrating its power and presence throughout time.
  • As a Kappa Kappa Gamma fraternity member*, the fleur-de-lis is our official symbol, sometimes represented by the Iris flower.

* Note: Kappa was establish in 1870, well before the terminology “sorority” was in use. Thus, we are a women’s fraternity and one of the oldest Greek-letter organizations in America.

For all of these points, there were so many ‘coincidental’ intersections of these visual and factual representations within Jenni’s life, that it seemed natural to incorporate both Bastille Day and the fleur-de-lis into the formation of Bastille Marketing.

In Jenni’s perspective, these symbols define the nature of social media, which challenges the way traditional marketing practices and tactics have always been conducted and implemented. Social media embraces both your loyal customers AND those vocal detractors, giving you and your business an opportunity to interact and engage with your potential audience.